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Meet The First American To Undergo A Penis Transplant

A popular hospital in Boston  became the first hospital in the United States to perform a successful penis transplant, doctors referred to the operation ad  “a surgical milestone”.

The patient named Thomas Manning, aged 64, received the donated organ three years after his penis was amputated  as a result of penile cancer, cancer of the Penis.

Penis transplant

He is ranked as the third man worldwide to have had this miraculous experimental surgery performed successfully.

The 64 year old  is expected to regain normal urination and sexual function in the next few months.

The surgery which lasted for about 15-hour took place earlier this month at Massachusetts General Hospital and involved more than 50 doctors from various departments which included, urology, psychiatry, plastic surgery, and several others fields.

Mr Manning said that by speaking publically about his experience he hopes to remove the stigma of genital injury and inspire other men to remain hopeful about recovery.

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