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Letter to All Negative Anonymous Commenter

Although I expect you all to have another bizarre response for me in your bank of bizarreries but I have learn to not be surprised at any of your antics.

First I want to ask why you all enjoy hiding under the anonymous ID to drop controversial comments like your only concern is just to make the list of commenter.


Secondly I'd like to bring your attentions to the fact that most times your comments depicts words I believe you don't know affects a Nation/Community/Group/Individuals.

Do you ever ask yourselves how relevant your comments are on the issues raised? I've read lots of your comments ranging from addressing The Executive President of the Federation and the The Grand Commander of the Armed forces a bastard from Otueke / a cow-brain dullard from Daura to asking for total annihilation of the Shiites member on basis that all Northerners are Boko Haram (especially the ones that pops on the news)... What measure would you encourage the army to carry out against your fellow ignorant youth from the south making fireworks out of the Nigeria's sole source of revenue in resounding support for their indicted leader in the war against corruption? I have read comments where you rally support behind Jungle justice on petty thieves and call for rule of law on political swindlers who faces prosecutions. 

I have seen comments of yours asking a pained individual expressing his/her feelings to go commit suicide and insults the next commenter who tries to caution your recklessness. I have had to live with your use of media in threatening the unity of this country, stench her image, berate the effort of her leaders, belittle their personalities, threatened their families and tried to hijack the rights of other productive commenter by ignorantly fueling the recently rumored bill to curb social media expressions. I have had to watch your antics towards relevancy by laying foundations for different civil unrest, disharmony, vandalism, crime, corruption, value disorientation, indiscipline, inhumanity among-st others. Now, I have ran out of patience for the hope that you'll make a U-turn and understand that every controversial word you put out there reflects on every one of the over 150million citizens of this great country... Negatively.

I don't have issues with you brothers and I don't expect you to come out here and put a name to your whatever but I know you are all humans and you have families in this country. If you believe you can just say anything anonymously without trace, please do remember that one way or the other it'll come back to haunt you, your families, your generations to come and other 150million innocent individual who will get trapped in-between which unfortunately I am one. If your recklessness contributed to disuniting and eventually dividing this nation, I pray you get yourselves an accommodative 'Somalia' to welcome your families as refugee and hope you survive the taunts of the guilt of every soul you fell in your backward struggle.

God bless you.
God bless Nigeria.
God bless her youth.
One nation undivided.

Your brother in love, unity and harmony.

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