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How To Know If Your Relationship Would Last Or Not

The aim of this article is to stop you from being scared. It is to explain that you do not need to do anything extra to make your partner stay. All you have to do is identify the following signs in your relationship to ensure that this one is actually going to last.

1.You never ignore one another :
If it never mattered if you have been together for one week, one month, one year or even five years. You would always pay attention to each other's needs. You two always communicate openly and effectively. If there is something bothering either one of you, you acknowledge and resolve it as one. When your partner gets a new hair do or a new dress that they are excited about, you always notice and compliment them about it.
Take time and think: Has your partner ever made you feel like you are an outsider? Have you ever felt like your partner is not letting you in? Do you feel like they overlook the little things in your relationship or even the big things? If the answer is the to all these questions is a “no”, then stop worrying yourself! There is very little stopping you two from making it until the end.

2. You share a strong feeling of  respect for one another:
If there is one thing you have always been sure about, it is the fact that your partner truly respects you. They respect your personality without ever expecting you to change any aspects of your whatsoever. They respect your views and opinions on things even when they do not completely agree with an idea. They respect the life you have built and they try as much as possible to shape the relationship around it as well. You respect each other equally in every sense of the word respect and you are never afraid to express it.

3.Your fights are never heartless and contemptuous:
Around the world, every couple has fought. It is a natural and a completely inevitable part of all relationships. Notwithstanding, no matter how angry you get, no matter how serious the mistake is, and no matter how heated your arguments tend to get, you both remain aware of certain limits. You are both aware of what and what is completely unacceptable to say and do. You know you can not ever raise your hand in a physical fight. Also, you know you can never act downright cruel and hurtful towards your partner.

4.You never judge or criticise one another :
This quality always comes with respect. You respect your partner,  you accept the kind of person they are, and when you wish for them to reach their true potential, you can never pass judgments or critiques towards them. If either of you ever feels like your partner is involved in something unproductive or unhealthy, you point it out with love and not in a way that they feel judged.

When you offer them any advice, you do it out of care and not out of a desire to feel superior to your partner. When you feel like someone around them is bringing them down or has been a bad influence, you tell them calmly and let them make their own decision about it.

5.You grow with one another and together :
Now I am not implying that you two lose all your independence and make your entire lives revolve around each other. Rather the beauty of a long-lasting relationship will lie in your ability to understand the intricacies of your partner's  desires and needs. This has helped you build a strong and necessary support system for each other. You live your own lives while you pursue your own dreams as well.

6.You set out to be the strong independent people who you were always destined to be. However, all of this could not have been achieved without your partner, the one who stuck with you through it all, the one who supports you unconditionally, and the one who grows and excels by your side. 

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