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How to Prepare Fried Chicken

I give to you your favorite Kentucky Fried Chicken Recipe. Very near to original taste, indeed, this crispy and tender chicken recipe is a must try, do give us feedback when you make yours.

Four chicken pieces (drumstick, wings, breast)
two liters of vegetable oil
one cup of plain flour
Three tsp salt (for soaking)
Half Tsp salt
Half Tsp ground pepper
Half Tsp garlic powder
Half Tsp onion powder
Half Tsp paprika powder
one egg
a half cup of milk

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Add the three tsp of salt in a big bowl, add sufficient water and set the chicken in to soak for approximately 30 minutes and then whisk the egg in a shallow bowl and combine the milk
In a different bowl, drop in the flour, add pepper, garlic, salt, onion, and also paprika, and mix very well
Transfer the chicken from the water and dry it with paper towel
Utilizing your hands, pick up a piece of chicken one-by-one and drop it first into the egg and milk mix turning it around to make sure it is well covered with the mix.
Then immediately plunge it into the flour mix alternating it around to make certain it is also well-coated in the mix
Then dip it again for the second time in the egg and milk mix and back over in the flour mixture, making sure that it is well coated.
Do this for the remainder of the chicken pieces making sure that it is thoroughly covered and also well coated in the mix during each step.

with a wide pan heat the oil, it is until hot and ready for frying
Delicately add in your coated chicken slices one by one and dip fry for approximately 15-20 minutes, and it depends on the size of your chicken pieces till it looks golden brown. Do not neglect to turn it occasionally
Now KFC utilizes pressure cookers in frying their chicken which is not recommended that you do at home, especially if you have children around

Remove from the heat and drain with a paper towel
Serve and enjoy with your family. It turns out very crispy.

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