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Effects Of Our Imaginations on Our Brain And Health

Our imaginations are mental and mind build up scenes or events that may have happened in time past or are probably yet to happen. Everyone possesses a degree of imagination ability. Some are weak while others strong. Imaginations can make one feel free from their thought temporarily and can take away unpleasant circumstances.

 Healthy imaginations travel far in shaping the creative power of the mind set and also the health, particularly the brain. They may not seem real but have very real physiological consequences on the body.

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Healthy imaginations functions to keep the body relaxed

There are two separate areas of the brain: one which process evidence gathered by other senses and one that spins off into gauzy day dreams. However, the brain cannot distinguish if we are actually experiencing something or imagining them. Therefore, whatever it is, triggered by your imagination, moves the brain to produce a similar response. An example is cited during anxious situations. You can vividly close your eyes and imagine yourself in a still mood with so much calm and relaxation. Believe it or not, this triggers the brain to send sensation of rest to the mind and reduces anxiety or panic.

People who run a risk of high blood pressure or heart attacks may begin to polish their imaginations by being more positive. They are very effective means of bringing down unwanted symptoms.  The calmer you are, the more energized the muscles become and give a greater healing response because healthy imaginations have special effects in reducing the muscle tensions and gives in for relaxation.

 Healthy imaginations can boost the immune system and improve the management of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, asthma, and heart
 diseases.  The healthier your thoughts, the healthier your heart; It is much required to dwell on proper imaginations during medical and dental procedures as these thoughts are capable of reducing pain length and can also reduce discomfort during pregnancy and child birth.

 Asides dwelling on thoughts, reading is another means of imagination. Those who find themselves engrossed in reading novels could at least testify to the fact that as they read, they are able to create mental images as though they were the scenes of a display.  Neuroscience has gone far to show that reading novels can improve the brain functions on a variety of levels because the brain benefits in its connectivity and function when we engage in reading books, be it study books, fiction or not fictional stories and other enlightening books. 

Imaginations are registered on the left temporal cortex of the brain
 (sensorimotor) which is known to be associated with receptivity for language and enhances the brains connectivity with the central sulcus ( associated with sensations and movement),  the anterior bank of the sulcus (controls body movement) and the posterior bank (contains neurons that receives sensory imparts from parts of the body).

Imaginations can ease sleep;
 For those who find it very difficult to get sleep, try considering dwelling on our thoughts for a short while  these acts as natural mind sedatives to ease sleep problems

Try as much as you can to improve your imaginations.  Make them healthy. In as much as we should imagine,  we should try to do away with unnecessary day dreaming. Don't give up your duty hours daydreaming.

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